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"100% engine makeover!"

I finally managed to buy my own car and decided to do everything to make it even better and so that I can to use it longer. Thanks to MaxEngine Pro I save money, driving became even more enjoyable and inspections aren't as stressful. I don't fear gas bills anymore. The engine has been working surprisingly well and feel powerful. It's incredible.

Epifanio Santos
Enhanced his car's engine in 3 weeks


My name is Joseph Reyes and I'm a mechanic, with 15 years of private practice, servicing cars in Manila.

From this I know one thing: to remove many years' worth of use from the engine takes a lot more than good will. Why?

The truth is this: to prolong engine life and increase its power, good gasoline and oil aren't enough. Careful driving isn't enough either. We need something much more - a real weapon against corrosion and friction, gentle on the engine and really effective.

I have used different methods, but only one allows daily regeneration of engine and protection from wear, even after the first week of use.

In fact, I've had clients that, thanks to the MaxEngine Pro fuel tablet additive, have reduced the cost of fuel and motor oil by about 10% within the first 48 hours. For many of them, their entire investment in this engine regeneration method was returned only after 2-3 weeks!

Some, driving older cars saved 5, 10, 15% on their fuel expenses and even more...

As the owner of a car with a 30 to 700 thousand km of mileage, you can easily:

  • Regenerate and enhance the power of the engine during the car's normal operation, within 1 month
  • Reduce friction and wear of the engine's metal surfaces - by 99.89%
  • Reduce fuel consumption - by up to 17%
  • Reduce oil expenditure - by 19.2%
  • Reduce harmful fuel emissions - by 97.5%
  • Increase engine efficiency - with 67.84%
  • Reduce noise and adjust engine performance - after passing the 50 km

All of this is possible because my discovery works in three main areas:


You will never be able to protect the engine from accidents if you only use motor oil. In the first seconds after starting it, a forceful interaction between engine parts begins. If they are not sufficiently protected, the engine will eventually wear out. The additive will save you worries about the condition of your engine. You will need to service your car only infrequently. The metal surfaces of the engine will be regenerated, and the metallic pores filled. Thanks to that, friction will be eliminated at the molecular level.


A few days later your car engine's power will start growing, peaking up to 3 weeks later. The power will stabilize after crossing the 100 km mark, and the engine will most likely be almost 80 percent stronger than it is currently. Simultaneously, operating costs will be reduced, as the ignition system will consume less gasoline and motor oil.


From the moment you put this new fuel additive in the fuel tank, your engine will automatically start regenerating. Тhe durability of its metal parts will increase up to 5-folds. You wouldn't have to constantly think how to protect the engine. You will not hear any rattle nor feel any vibrations and will most likely forget that your engine has been in disrepair until recently.

What is this discovery? - It is a fuel additive, a patented mixture...

This is no ordinary fuel additive containing Teflon, ceramics and other hazardous substances that can cause serious damage to the ignition system and as a result hinder engine performance. MaxEngine Pro is a fast dissolving tablet for maximum engine performance. Each tablet treats up to 75 liters or 750-900 km depending on the fuel consumption. It is a new kind of fuel additive technology for all kinds of vehicles. The successful results are achieved through more efficient combustion of fuel, which is possible only by the special characteristics of the powerful active ingredients. The fast dissolving tablet is designed to change the molecular structure of fuels, creating more efficient combustion and enhancing engine power.

MaxEngine Pro is suitable for all kinds of fuels and engines. The tablets can be used on cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, generators, heavy equipment and more.

Engine-life enhancement effects (confirmed by the research of prof. Adams in the NCBI report) are achieved by using a mixture of enriching ingredients, and GP molecules in a sufficiently high dosage and concentration.

I have finally found the manufacturer that produces perfectly made fuel additive. Its intelligent molecules mix with the fuel to ensure complete combustion and it contains only active substances to regenerate the engine - nothing more.

How does it work:


You don't need to replace engine components every six months. There is no need to give up long and difficult car-trips. You just need to remember to add MaxEngine Pro before refueling:

First: Open the fuel tank cap.

Second: Insert the MaxEngine Pro tablet into the fuel tank, each tablet treats up to 75 liters or 750-900 km depending on the fuel consumption.

Third: Fill up your fuel as usual.

Note: When you use for the first time, there may be a slightly higher fuel consumption, power down or black smoke, but this is a normal phenomenon and this process may take 1-2 tanks of fuel. This is the role of the product - to clean all parts that damage your engine. When you use for a longer time the effect is better.


The additive not only regenerates and eliminates damage that occurs as a result of the operation of the car. It effectively removes scale from the combustion chamber, valves and ensures normal operation of the engine. The substances contained in MaxEngine Pro change their physico-chemical properties under high temperatures and do not react with gasoline or diesel. Thanks to this, they protect metal surfaces from excessive wear and corrosion without damaging the engine.

This is probably the most effective method for engine enhancement ever created. Besides being researched by a team of specialists and documented by the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information, USA), the method has been tested by me and many other drivers, such as Mr. Castillo from Cebu City.

"Long and trouble-free engine life"

"Until recently, I was skeptical about all fuel additives. Many of them did not provide any benefits. But not this. Extremely easy to use and effective in increasing power and extending engine life. Besides protecting it from friction and corrosion, it has increased its power, as well! I save up to 5 liters of fuel per 1000 km and I'm comfortable with driving my car again. I'm confident that I can expect no unpleasant surprises during a trip.

Thomas Torres
In four weeks I reinvigorated my vehicle engine

Remember that this method, just like any other, can not favorably affect any and all damage to the engine. In a small percentage of the cars, the engines are so worn and corroded that this method is not for them. In such cases, professional advice from an auto service is mandatory.

However, the manufacturer is so pleased with MaxEngine Pro, that they provide the following guarantee:

One of a kind guarantee

If, in a month, you don't reverse up to 5 years' worth of normal operating wear on your engine, or you are otherwise not 100 percent satisfied, then send back the empty packaging of the product and the company will refund the amount paid "quietly and without question."

How best to order MaxEngine Pro?

A high quality fuel additive is not created easily and can not be cheap.

However, the manufacturer has decided to give a discount for first-time visitors.

The MaxEngine Pro fuel additive, created in collaboration with engineers, chemists and technicians, has a technological package with a precision dispenser.

Later prices may increase.


Follow the instructions below, do not send any money and do not pay in advance to order MaxEngine Pro.

Click on the "Order" button and complete the form on the next page. MaxEngine Pro will end up in your hands within 1-5 days. Then evaluating it is up to you. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply send the package to the return address and you will get your money back - no questions asked.

Although I'm sure you will be more than satisfied. Frankly, I hope for you to be delighted. I am confident that you will start saving from repairs and fuel faster than you expected

Good luck!
Joseph Reyes, mechanical engineer

Fuel additive tablet with special molecules
1 package contains 5 tablets (1 tablet treats up to 75 liters or 750-900 km depending on the fuel consumption)

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